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Do you have an idea?

Sterling Design offer automotive solutions throughout the sector - including motorcycles, commercial, aviation and marine. However, any sector is possible.

We have full 3D scanning in -house and 3D prototyping. Turnaround from end to end is very quick.



We are lucky enough to be able to turn around design to prototype in a very short space of time thanks to substantial investment into the right equipment. Our in-house scanning and large-scale 3D printing equipment allows us the luxury of speed, adaptability and a choice of materials.

This service is not just for our automotive needs but also available for all applications.



We can’t profess to do vehicle conversions without doing every
aspect of the vehicle and that includes interiors. With that in mind, we have an interior upholstery repair and bespoke trim department that can do every facet of vehicle interiors. This includes full 3D scanning and bespoke design service using only the very leather hides and materials. The only limit to what we can do for your car interior is your imagination...

As well as creating beautiful, unique designs befitting your personal character, we are also able to carry out all manner of interior trim repairs with a very quick turnaround.



We design and develop all our wheels in-house before manufacturing and engineering them using the latest technology and finite element analysis software.

We turned to HAAS for a CNC solution to aid in our wheel production, because of their motorsport heritage and their UK F1 base. All our wheels are finished on site at our HQ, from Diamond cutting, to paint finishing.