The Sterling Automotive Audi Q8 redefines German automotive elegance through attentive British detailing which creates a subtly bold finish.   


The 16-piece British-crafted Sterling Automotive package provides a defined subtlety, which includes modifications to the front and rear corners, 

splitter and roof wing.   

The Sterling Automotive Black Pack styling gives the Q8 a more aggressive persona compared to Audi’s original modelling, while the 22” custom alloy wheels and bronze callipers allow for yet more indistinct attention.   

The Sterling Automotive Audi Q8 Level 1: Exterior Styling

Exclusively designed, prototyped, fitted & finished in-house, The Sterling Automotive Audi Q8 Exterior Conversion implements

an improved design language and amplified luxury finish ensuring the Q8 is both exquisite and capable in equal measure

- Extended and exaggerated front vent surrounds with incorporated splitter elements.

- Dynamic rear diffuser enhancements intensifying stance and width.

- Aerodynamic Two-piece split roof wing providing an instinctive architectural development and enhanced silhouette.

- Full exterior black pack.

- 22” Custom Wheels fitted with Davanti Tyres high-performance tyres.

The Sterling Automotive Audi Q8 Level 2: Exterior & Interior Styling Conversions.

The Sterling Automotive Audi Q8 Interior Conversion is an unprecedented example of British design, craftsmanship, and comfort.

- Original front and rear seats hand-trimmed in bespoke 3D panelled and perforated luxury leather, 

using only the highest-grade hides and stitch available to refine your Audi Q8.

- Front armrests, door cards and centre glovebox hand-trimmed in matching finishes and

 materials to complete this fully bespoke conversion leaving no area untouched .

- Gear selector hand-finished in leather featuring exclusive stamped branding details.

- Front and rear Sterling luxury ‘soft touch’ 1500gm carpets furnish an added level of comfort and style while reducing road noise in the cabin.

- Front seats feature exclusive heating elements and cooling systems alongside our embossed

 branding details to ensure the most comfortable of driving environments.

- Available in a multitude of colours and stitch (please enquire).





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