Give your Q8 even more luxury..

The Sterling Automotive Audi Q8 redefines German automotive elegance through attentive British detailing which creates a subtly bold finish.   

The 16-piece British-crafted Sterling Automotive package provides a defined subtlety, which includes modifications to the front and rear corners, splitter and roof wing.   

The Sterling Automotive Black Pack styling gives the Q8 a more aggressive persona compared to Audi’s original modelling, while the 22” custom alloy wheels and bronze callipers allow for yet more indistinct attention. 

Audi Q8: Exterior Styling

Exclusively designed, prototyped, fitted & finished in-house, The Sterling Automotive Audi Q8 Exterior Conversion implements an improved design language and amplified luxury finish ensuring the Q8 is both exquisite and capable in equal measure.

Audi Q8: INTERIOR Styling

The Sterling Automotive Audi Q8 Interior Conversion, available in two Hemiola design variants,
is an unprecedented example of British design, craftsmanship, and comfort.