Jeep Wrangler Exterior Conversion

Exterior Styling
Fitted? :


- Wider and deeper arches create a more imperious posture as well as advancing the Wrangler’s militaristic essence and technicalities.

- Dramatic bumper extensions augment the vehicle’s tenacious front end while simultaneously softening the distance between the grille and the bumper, creating more accomplished dimensions.

- An unprecedented signature horizontal grille with a modernised design provides a sophisticated and definite aesthetic. By introducing a more linear and horizontal architecture to the vehicle, a wider stance and exalted personality become amplified and more prominent on and off the road.

- Exclusive STERLING bonnet lettering implements a subtle yet distinct brand identity ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

- Sterling Automotive Soft Wheel Cover enriching your American Icon with British style. (wheel cover is stretch nylon but specially made to fit Jeep JL Wrangler with rear view camera)


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