Davanti Tyres

Very Rarely do two companies align themselves so well. 

We at Sterling Automotive wanted a tyre brand that had the same momentum as ourselves and shared our philosophy

 for getting things right with no compromise.

Davanti DX240 Tyre

Davanti DX390 Tyre

Davanti DX640 Tyre

Davanti DX740 Tyre


The Terratoura not only tests as one of the best All Terrain Tyres currently available,

 it also has excellent tarmac performance making it ideal for your 4x4, pickup or any off-road vehicle that you drive on the road.

TERRATOURA A/TAll-Terrain tyre providing the perfect balance of highway and off-road performance. 

Terrataoura is an all-weather, all-terrain tyre that offers market-leading traction, control & debris ejection

 - plus Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake winter certification

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