Meta Trak Shield - 1 Year or 3 Year Subscription

Meta Trak Shield - 1 Year or 3 Year Subscription


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Super Sense GNSS Receiver - Extends the scope for installation locations by not requiring direct line of sight to the sky.

GSM Roaming - Utilises a latest generation Quad Band modem and a globally roaming SIM.

Fully Waterproof (IP67) - Ensures operation regardless of installation location.

Compact Size - Provides ultimate flexibility for covert installation.

All-In-One Design - Provides greater protection against detection and simplifies installation.

Super Low Battery Drain (1mA) - The tracking device load on the battery is virtually undetectable BUT the device is still always reachable, ie. not in deep sleep state.

Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) - Provides the ability to update the operating system over the air, allowing enhancements to be deployed to existing customer.

The Latest GNSS Technology - Provides highly accurate location data and greater resistance to jamming with current GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDOU reception.

Mobile App - Receive instant alerts for unauthorised movement and battery disconnect. View live trips and review journey history.

The unit can be moved to customers new vehicle if required.

Self Tracking - No Control Room Support.

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