Sterling Prototyping - At the forefront of Technology

5th Feb 2020

Sterling Automotive Design Ltd once again prove that investment in the most up-to-date technology and Manufacturing in Britain, is the way to go.

Having invested in an industrial large-scale 3D printer, they have transformed not only their protoyping lead times, but also their turnaround on low volume body parts.

MD Carl Williamson said "We took a long time to research and find the right printer for the job, and the BigRep Studio G2 was a no-brainer for us. Having waited for prototyping from the far east, we knew from the beginning that we would need an option that we could use in-house for all our needs and it allows us to be more on-demand and infinitely adaptable in terms of design changes."

Having visited the Factory in Berlin, Sterling came back from BigRep with all the knowledge and support that was needed to be able to print in a variety of materials that would easily replace their current sources.

The printer runs 24 hours a day and is controllable from home as well as in person. With an unrivalled print platform it allows Sterling to print even the biggest bodykit parts.

Sterling Automotive offer their Design and Prototyping service out to the general public as well to truly make use of this new, fantastic resource.

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