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Sterling Automotive Alloy Wheels

Sterling Automotive 10 x 20" FK4 Alloy Wheel for the New Land Rover Defender (L663)


Sterling Automotive have brought to the market a Brand New 20" Alloy Wheel that epitomises the heritage of Land Rover in the UK. 

A rugged, contemporary design that complements the new Land Rover Defender. Although this fitment can also be used on most of the Land Rover Range.

While complimenting the newest of vehicles, the wheel still harks back to wheel architecture of the past.

The FK4 Alloy wheel typically comes in a gloss black finish with diamond cut features. Thanks to our in-house wheel lab, we also change the whole aesthetic by powder coating in a myriad of different colours. A complete Gloss or Satin or Matt Black being the favourites so far.

At Sterling, we do of course build the New Defender as one of our Prestige Vehicle Programs - as such we offer the wheel with an All Terrain tyre on our in-house conversions.