DynaPad (300" x 54")


Get Extra Cool and Quiet Comfort with DynaPad. DynaPad is a heavy, 3/8" thick, one pound per square foot floor mat, with a four layer composite barrier utilizing "Dissimilar Layer Insulating" technology that solves two of the most difficult automotive problems: exhaust system heat and low frequency noise. DynaPad has a heavy duty vinyl barrier between two layers of acoustic "sound soaker" foam, covered by an oil and water resisting poly facing. It is used under the vehicles carpet as the ultimate carpet pad upgrade.

DynaPad is easy to install as an under carpet pad. It has no adhesive, so it can be moved and reused. Use it on floors, interior firewall, rear deck, and in the trunk for cool, quiet comfort. For the best results, install DynaPad over Dynamat Xtreme, and experience the Dynamat Difference. 

Contains: 1 Roll 137cm x 762cm (m2 10.44)

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